How to check the data collection in BPPM database

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    ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite


    BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite


    How to check the data collection in BPPM database 




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    Lets suppose you have excel export of some pnet monitored parameter from the show graph section.


    Here the format is like below.

    itemid+attrid+from date/time (in EPOCH) + to date/time (in EPOCH)

    attributeId is combination of two fields.


    select ATTRID,MOTYPEID,DISPNAME,TABLENAME from ATTRIBUTE_META where attrid='501379205'

    This query will give you the motyped and tablename that you can search further to find the data.



    501379205,501379,'Total Processor Utilization','_PATROL__NT_OS_NT_HEALTH'

    Here note there is double underscore (_) after _PATROL__ in the above tablename

    Now look inside the table view to check what values are being populated in the table.

    +++++ These are the values which are displayed on the graph ++++++

    select * from _PATROL__NT_OS_NT_HEALTH_ST_VIEW where moinstid='931'

    here moinstid=itemid

    The partition of this monitor is captured in partition table.

    select * from PARTITION_CNTL where motypeid='501379'

    The performance data as well as the event data are collected 24x7. To allow efficient storage and management of the stored data, the performance data storage is stored in partitioned tables. Raw data and event data are stored in different partition every day. One partition contains one day's data. Rate and baseline data are stored in different partitions every week. For rate and baseline data, one partition contains one week's data.

    In case there are any errors in partition table partition.log should capture to analyse the problem.


    For more comprehensive analysis collect the soruce agent debug and agent controller debug.


    pw debug on -a <source agent>


    pw debug on -p pronet_cntl


    After this wait for 30 mins and then collect pronto/logs directory from server as well from source agent machine.

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