BMC Middleware Management - Administration: Successfully created a Scheduled Task (via Global Search), but the task cannot be seen from a Project's Scheduled Tasks list. Why is this?

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    When successfully creating a Scheduled Task for an object outside of a Project context, for instance on the result of a Global Search, why can't this task be seen when looking at a projects's Scheduled Tasks list, even though this object belongs to the Project?

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    BMC Middleware Administration 7.2.00
    BMC Middleware Management - Administration 7.2.00



    Legacy ID:KA425050


    Scheduled Tasks can be created with or without a Project context and both are valid.


    When creating a Scheduled Task without a project context, it cannot be seen in the Scheduled Tasks list for a Project, because it is not tied to a Project.


    However, it can still be seen when navigating via the Connections tab. The Connections tab does not require a Project context and, therefore, allows viewing all Scheduled Tasks - with or without a Project.

    Additional Information:

    The scheduled tasks are subject to security evaluation, as any other objects in BMC Middleware Management - Administration are. So on the Connections tab, one will only see those tasks which got created in a Project context the currently logged on user id has access to.

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