BMC Middleware and Transaction Management: How to find all users created within BMTM?

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    TrueSight Middleware Monitor


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    I need to get all users defined in BMTM  - where can I get a list of users that exist in BMTM?


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    BMC TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor
    BMC Middleware and Transaction Management
    BMC Middleware Management - Performance and Availability
    BMC Middleware Management - Transaction Monitoring
    BMC Application Transaction Tracing




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    BMTM Users and Groups are stored in internal LDAP directory which cannot be accessed by opening files.
    When running BMTM with Windows Active Directory Delegate mode, groups and a copy if the user account can be also be found in BMTM.

    This command will dump all user information from LDAP:

    support_tools\ldapsearch -h localhost -p 15008 -D "cn=SA,ou=users,dc=mqsoftware,dc=com" -w <your_SA_password> E -x -s sub -b "CN=Users,dc=mqsoftware,dc=com -LLL"

    Replace <your_SA_password>, with the password of the SA user.


    Please Note: the output information can be larger than your console buffer, so we recommend that you redirect to the file to get all the information..


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