BMC Middleware and Transaction Management: Why is a question mark shown on a functioning agent host's physical view

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    TrueSight Middleware Monitor


    BMC Middleware Management - Transaction Monitoring



    Seeing a question mark on an agent hosts's physical view even though the agent appears to be fully up and running. Why is this?

    Applies To:

    BMC Middleware and Transaction Management V8
    BMC Middleware Management - Performance and Availability V8
    BMC Middleware Management - Transaction Monitoring V8
    BMC TrueSight Middleware Monitor V8
    BMC TrueSight Middleware Transaction Monitor V8



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    The agent may be up and running, but if no monitoring has been defined or there are no monitoring updates coming in, the respecting time stamps do not get updated and the monitoring status eventually gets questioned by the services, hence the question mark. Simply select some objects for monitoring and the question mark will go away.

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    If it is expected that no monitoring updates are coming in, then the question mark can be ignored. It may point to a problem, however.


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