BMC Middleware and Transaction Management - How to restrict access to objects in the Management Console

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    TrueSight Middleware Monitor


    BMC Middleware Management - Transaction Monitoring



    By default, all users allowed to use the Management Console will see all monitored items.


    If this is not desired, how can they be restricted to only be able to see the objects they are supposed to see?

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    BMC Middleware and Transaction Management
    BMC Middleware Management - Performance and Availability
    BMC Middleware Management - Transaction Monitoring
    BMC Application Transaction Tracing



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    Revoke the the right to access the Default Tab from the restricted users and create one or more Group Navigation Tabs containing the objects the restricted users are supposed to see and manage. Access to the Default Tab can be granted or revoked on the grop level. Group permissions are managed on the Management Console's Security tab.

    Additional Information

    If selective access to monitored objects is desired, it may be a good idea to define a couple of groups and define respecting Group Navigation Tabs for these groups.


    For example, if you have a group of users who are only supposed to see the monitored objects from a certain applcation, say "Application_A" while there is another group of users that is supposed to see only the objects from another application ("Application_B"), then create two security groups ("AppA" and "AppB"), define the respecting Group Navigation Tabs, make sure the Access Default Tab right is not checked for these groups (nor for any other group these users may be a member of and add the users to the respecting groups.


    If there are users that need access to both the applications from this example, then make them a member of both these groups.




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