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    To register objects for TIBCO Rendezvous monitoring, you can use the register and registration parameter to register objects.

    If you just want to register a RVD / RVSD /RVRD / RVRSD, you could use the --register parameter, to add more objects granular it is recommend to use the --registration parameter which guides you interactively through the registration process.



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    At example, to register a TIBCO Rendezvous Deamon ( rvd ) you can use the following command example:

    qptibrv.bat --register -rvd:7651::7690 -http:



    The RVD has the following settings:

    Service: 7651
    Deamon 7690
    Admin URL:

    But with this registration you wont monitor any Topics ( Subjects is the TIBCO term ) hosted on this daemon, each Topic which needs to be monitored has to be manually registered for monitoring.

    To add or remove Topics or other components for monitoring it is recommended to use the qptibrv --registration command to make the changes interactively. With this command you can modify a RV Daemon which was added for monitoring by selecting the Daemon.
    And then you can add/remove Topics for monitoring.

    >qptibrv.bat --registration
    Please select one of the following options:
    1. Change topic service hostname/port for QPEA
    2. Add daemon for monitoring
    3. Update current monitoring
    4. Exit

    Please select which daemon registration you wish to modify:
    1. RVD (7651 / default / 7690)
    Type of Daemon: RVD
    Service: 7651
    Daemon: 7690
    Network: default
    Daemon Admin URL:
    rvagent Monitoring: true
    rvagent Admin URL:
    rvcache Monitoring: true
    rvcache Admin URL:

    Please select an option from the following:
    1. Change daemon type
    2. Change the service
    3. Change the network
    4. Change the daemon
    5. Change the daemon URL settings
    6. Change the rvcache settings
    7. Change the rvagent settings
    8. Add/Remove registered service
    9. Add/Remove monitored topic
    11. Unregister daemon from monitoring
    12. Finish making changes


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