Performance issue - Email Engine processing throughput  does not always keep up with the current load.  How can we fine tune this?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server



    Found that Email Engine was pulling 100 emails at a time, processing 100 at a time, and then waiting for the next polling cycle (1 minute) to process another 100. These are the default settings that work for many customers.


    BMC Remedy AR System Server (version 7.1.00) DR: AR System Server for Unix;



    Legacy ID:KA295243


    To change the polling interval to 30 seconds (which is the minimum):


    Go to the AR System Email Mailbox configuration form in the Basic Configuration tab of an _Outgoing Mailbox_.


    The other changes need to be done in the file.


    To set Units to seconds:




    The OutgoingConnectionRecycleSize specifies the default number of how many email messages the email engine receives before the connection is closed and reopened. By default, the connection is closed and reopened for every 100 messages.  We can set this to 200 to decrease the number of times we hit the polling interval by half:




    SendEmailSetSize specifies how many outgoing emails to query at a time. The default size of outgoing emails is set to 100.  To match the above seting, we'll set it to 200.  Keep in mind this will increase memory use.




    If desired, you can also set this option to send higher priority messages first:



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