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    How to upload Files on


    Option 1 (preferred): Upload files directly to the Case
    Login at and under "Manage Your Cases" -> "Submit and Manage Cases" open your existing Case or create a New Case if this is a new issue.
    At the bottom of the Case details, click the "File" option and upload all relevant files to that Case.
    NOTE 1:  The file size limit is 2GB for each file.
    NOTE 2:  Only upload files that relate to the specific Case.  If you need to upload other files for a different Case, open that Case first and upload specifically there.

    Option 2: Upload files via SFT (Secure File Transfer)
    a. Connect using one of the following 3 protocols
       - Via browser using HTTPS at
       - Via ftp client using SFTP at port 22   (NOTE: transfer all files in binary mode regardless of file type)
       - Via ftp client using FTPS at port 990  (NOTE: transfer all files in binary mode regardless of file type)
    b. Login with your BMC registered user that you currently use at
       NOTE 1: This must be the same email address in the Contact information of the current Support Case
       NOTE 2: The user name for login must be the full email address, not an alias or nickname
    c. Mandatory: Create a directory named:   case_#####
       Or navigate to the existing case_##### directory if you have already sent files for this Case previously
    d. Upload the files to case_##### directory
    e. Notify the technician in the Case that the files have been uploaded

    To help you start using the new SFT application, we have created the following User Guide video and document:


    SFT User Guide Document         -In case if SFT Link is not working then download attached PDF


    SFT User Guide Video

    Note## make sure to zip the Backup(.bak) file before uploading and the maximum size for uploading is 150 GB.


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