Can we configure ADDM with multiple interfaces?

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    A customer would like to add additional NIC(s) to an appliance in order to provide management (SSH or HTTPS) access to the appliance, separate from production network access for discovery on the primary interface. Another example may be where a customer has an isolated PVLAN which is their management VLAN and they want to run a discovery on that network.

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    Adding additional network interfaces to the appliance is not officially supported. In this sense - QA does not explicitly test the configuration and features like netadmin are not multi-interface aware. However, we know of no reason that if properly set up in Red Hat, ADDM would not work. If there was an issue, we would want to know about it, but can't commit to providing a fix.

    If this customization causes a problem, the customization policy will apply (


    This applies to all ADDM/Discovery versions.


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