What are the Best Practices for reducing the overhead of MainView Alarm Manager?

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    What are the Best Practices for reducing the overhead of MainView Alarm Manager?



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    The following recommendations help to avoid unnecessary overhead when using MainView Alarm Manager.


    1) Specify the predefined SSI context CURRSYS in the Context field of the alarm definition.


    This context reduces the number of records processed by MainView Alarm Management, and let you install the alarm definition on multiple LPARs without having to change the alarm definition.


    2) Avoid setting alarms on views that supply hundreds or thousands of records, such as the following views:


    - Device views in MainView for z/OS


    - Transaction views in MainView for CICS


    - Thread views in MainView for DB2


    - Queue views in MainView for WebSphere MQ


    If you have to set alarms on these views (and there are instances when you should), it is recommended to set the frequency of the alarm to at least 60 seconds, and preferably to 120 seconds or more. Please raise an issue with BMC customer support for further advice if you are in doubt.


    3) Use an alarm frequency of at least 60 seconds to avoid excessive alarms.


    4) Some views, such as the MainView for z/OS JCPU view contain a number of fields (including excluded fields) that include a number of calculations. If the above three steps have not provided the desired results, a further possibility is to create a customized view and delete (not just exclude) the unwanted columns. The customized view could then be used for the alarm to avoid the unnecessary calculations on each evaluation of the alarm.


    For further information, please refer to the MainView Alarm Management User Guide or contact BMC Customer Support.


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