How to enable debug logs for Reconciliation Engine?

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    How to enable debug logs for Reconciliation Engine to capture more information about the reconciliation jobs



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    1. Open the AtriumCore Console --> Reconciliation
    2. Click on the 'Edit Server Configuration' button at the top of the console.
    3. Change the Logging Level from "Error" to "Debug"
    4. Click on Save.

    Restart the Reconciliation Engine from the AR Server machine. Now the debug information will be written to the arrecond.log and the Reconciliation Job logs, ex. BMC CSM CDB Data Reconciliation_286.log

    The default log location is as below. This can be configured from the "Edit Server Configuration" page.

    Windows: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\Logs
    Non-Windows: /opt/bmc/AtriumCore/Logs

    Note: It is highly recommended to set the logging level back to error once after capturing the logs for specific scenario, as the debug log level will write enormous information to the RE logs.


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