How to have the DOMBRPT1 report that is available with the MainView for DB2 Performance Reporter, generate a report for a sub-interval of a whole day.

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    How to generate a synthetic report for a sub-interval of a whole day with the MainView for DB2 Performance Reporter.
    The expected output with the DOMBRPT1 report is not generated when using the following statements:

        REPORT(NAME(BSTATLT) INTERVAL(START(01/16/15) END(01/18/15)))
        REPORT(NAME(BSTATLT) INTERVAL(START(01/16/15) END(01/18/15) FOR(1,)))
        REPORT(NAME(BSTATLT) INTERVAL(START(01/16/15) END(01/18/15) BY(1)))




    Legacy ID:KA420882


    BSTATLT and BSTATST are designed to report on the STATISTICS interval ie. consecutive DB2 statistical pairs. Each value reported in each field represents the difference (delta) for the statistical interval. This value is calculated by subtracting the value for the field in the statistic record pair currently being processed from the value for the field in the previous record pair.

    In this situation, it is recommended to use BSTATDR that is designed to report over a DEFINITE interval and produces a separate report for each sub-divided interval (BY).

    For e.g.:

        REPORT(NAME(BSTATDR) INTERVAL(START(01/16/15) FOR(1,))) will report for a duration of one day
        REPORT(NAME(BSTATDR) INTERVAL(START(01/16/15) FOR(1,) BY(,12:00:00)))
    will report for a duration of one day subdivided into 12 hours.

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