What are the minimum user rights necessary to use the Gateway Server/Capacity Agent software on Windows?

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    BMC Performance Assurance for Servers


    Truesight Capacity Optimization - Gateway Servers and Capacity Agents 11.x, 10.x


       What are the minimum user rights necessary to use: Performance Manager, Patrol_Scheduler, BGS_SDService, Perform Agent and Perform system collector on Windows?   
    • Truesight Capacity Optimization - Gateway Servers and Capacity Agents 11.x, 10.x
    • BMC Performance Assurance for Virtual Servers  9.0, 7.5.10, 7.5.00,  7.4.10,  7.4.00,  7.3.00,  7.2.10,  7.2.00
    • BMC Performance Assurance for Servers  9.0, 7.5.10, 7.5.00,  7.4.10,  7.4.00,  7.3.00,  7.2.10,  7.2.00
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    Section I: Agent Collector and Services

       The BGS_SDService and the Patrol Scheduler both run as system services. The user that uses the Perform console or is defined as the agent user is therefore immaterial. These services must either be defined to run under the Local System Account or under a user with "Log on as a service" right (for example a user in the Administrator group). Please see the Microsoft Help and Support Centre Logon Rights topic.   
    The Perform agent and collector run under the user specified to the install utility. This user is created as "disabled" by default. This user will need write access to the agent repository and the user's temporary directory (for memory mapped files)   

    Section II: Perform Console

       The Perform console can be run as a "normal user" (e.g. Guest)   
    The user will need to have write access to the directories where policies, manager scripts, workload definitions, etc. are stored. Since this is in C:\program Files\BMC Software\Patrol3\Best1\NTC\local\workarea by default, it is probably best to give the user write access to all directories and files below C:\program Files\BMC Software\Patrol3\Best1   
    A "normal user" cannot specify to run an Automator script from a Manager script - this requires permission to access and update a registry keys.  


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