Multiple CIs with the same name and id???

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    Remedy Asset Management Application


    BMC Remedy Asset Management Application


    I would like to know if the below behavior is as designed/bug.

    What we think is it should not be possible to create two configuration items
    with the exact same CI ID Field entry. There should have some kind of check
    to enforce that a unique entry is typed in?


       BMC Remedy Asset Management Application (version 7.0.02)  



    Legacy ID:KA298064

      CI ID and CI Name:  
    The fields do not have a unique index and can accept duplicated alphanumeric value input.  CI Name is a required fieldbut because data is populated form Discovery Sources and can contain the same name, it's not a unique value. 
    CI ID+ is an editable character field, whichcomes from previous ITSM versions (AM5.5, AM6.0). At that time, the Asset ID+ field was a required field and had workflow to support many advanced searches (Asset or Component). 
      To support our existing customers, the field remains on the AM product, but it is an editable field. 
      Only Reconciliation Id is a unique field for every instance (record) of Asset, but it is a hidden field 
    If a customer wishes to have a Unique CI ID+ they can do so by writing the work flow for it. But by creating a unique index customer can get a unique index constraint error, which wouldn't be very friendly.  
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