MainView for DB2 Performance Reporter: the BY() parameter is no longer available on INTERVAL statement for DOMBRPT1. Why?

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    With MainView for DB2 Performance Reporter version 9.2.00,  you could specify the BY() parameter on INTERVAL statement for DOMBRPT1 program.

    For e.g.
        REPORT(NAME(BSTATDR) INTERVAL(START(01/16/15) END(01/18/15) BY(1)))

    It is no longer documented. Why?



    Legacy ID:KA420883


    The BY() parameter is not documented but it can still be used.

    Keyword: BY (optional)

    Description: specifies the length of the periods into which the interval is to be divided for reporting.

        The maximum value for periods is 32767.

        If BY is not specified, the period defaults to the entire interval duration.

        If BY is specified without START, “boundaries” are calculated based on the length of the period. The interval is aligned to the closest boundary prior to either report activation (when a Data Collector is the data source) or to the timestamp of the first record (when a data set is the data source).

        Valid abbreviation: B


    - nn        length of each period stated as a number of days
        Valid values are any number in the range 1-364.

    - time        length of each period stated in hours, minutes, and seconds (hh:mm:ss)
        Valid values are any time in the range 00:00:00–23:59:59 or 00:00–23:59.

    - nnn,time    length of each period stated as a number of days and hours
        For example, a specification of 2,12:00 means that the interval is reported in periods of 2.5 days.

            INTERVAL(START(02/14/2006,6:00:00) -

        This INTERVAL statement sets a global default interval for all reports that includes data generated on 02/14/2006 (USA format) between 6:00 A.M. and 12:00 noon.

        This INTERVAL statement applies to all subsequent REPORT statements in the same job stream unless they contain an INTERVAL parameter, or until another INTERVAL statement is encountered.

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