How to switch hierarchy correctly from an old ETL to a new ETL importing data from the same datasource in TrueSight Capacity Optimization

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.X, 10.X


    Use case:

    How to switch hierarchy correctly from VMware historical extractor to VMware Service Extractor

    We setup the new VMware Service ETL extractor after the VMware History Extractor. It seems like there are still valid relationships into the workspace that are not present anymore in reality.

    How to remove them?



    Legacy ID:KA403353


    This is the case when you have two ETLs with two hierarchy rules, the old one has been stopped, but its relationships are still valid (and obsolete).


    To fix this problem:

    1) remove the old ETL relationships using this SQL:

    - Populate the SQL with the correct todate (the date of the switch)
    - And the correct hierruleid (the ID of the hierarchy rule to disable)

    update ent_parentship set todate=to_date('01/01/2012', 'dd/mm/yyyy')
    todate>to_date('01/01/2012', 'dd/mm/yyyy') and
    entparentid in (select entparentid from ent_parent where hierruleid=:hierruleid)
    delete from ent_parentship where todate<sincedate and entparentid in (select entparentid from ent_parent where hierruleid=:hierruleid)
    call refresh_ent_parentship()

    2)Disable the old rule with the appropriate button.

    3)OPTIONAL: map the old ETL (if you decide to keep it for recovery in case of issues) to the new Hierarchy rule (press the CTRL button, or you will unmap the new one).


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