Is it possible to restrict user access based on client type?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server


    Is it possible to restrict user access based on client type? i.e. Windows User tool, ODBC, Import, Alert...



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    See page 271 of the 5.0 Server Administrators Guide for complete details: 

    UNIX, $ARCONFIGDIR/ar.conf 
    Windows, \\Conf\\ar.cfg 


    Restricts time-consuming operations (such as reporting) during busy times, improving the overall performance. This option can be set to certain times of the day. It can also exclude users of specific groups so that they are not blocked from performing the specified operation. For example, you can allow only the administrator to perform reporting during busy hours. 

    The syntax for this option is: 

    Disable-Client-Operation: [[]-[]] [] 

    The tag number is defined in the ar.h file. To specify start and stop times, enter them in 24-hour format (hh:mm). The times are include times. For example, 00:00-13:59 disables from midnight until 1:59 p.m. 

    The group_ID_list is a list of none, one, or multiple group IDs delimited by spaces. To specify the groups to exclude, enter the group ID. For example: 

    Disable-Client-Operation: 1 13:00-17:59 1 

    The second and third sections are optional and are delineated by spaces. For example, if you did not specify a start or stop time, the syntax would look like this: 

    Disable-Client-Operation: 1 1 

    The start and stop times are for the server's default time zone. You can specify only one time in the second section (start and stop time). For example, to start disabling operations from 6:00 p.m. until midnight excepting group 10, enter: 

    Disable-Client-Operation: 2 18:00- 10 

    To start disabling operations from midnight until 6:00 a.m. excepting 
    group 10, enter: 

    Disable-Client-Operation: 2 -6:00 10 

    If there is no argument for the second section, the option disables the operations from the client all the time. If there is no argument for the third section (users to exclude), then all users from that client cannot run the operations. 

    You can specify multiple Disable-Client-Operation lines. 

    Tag Number Definition 
    1 AR System clients prior to the 5.0 version 
    2 Remedy Administrator 
    3 Remedy User 
    4 Remedy Import 
    5 Distributed server 
    6 ARSystem ODBC 
    7 Approval server 
    8 AR System web server (waserver) 
    9 Mid tier (version 5.0 and later) 
    10 Palm Pilot 
    11 Flashboards 
    12 Flashboards mid tier 
    13 Enterprise integration 
    14 arreload 
    15 arcache 
    16 ardist 
    17 runmacro 
    18 armaild, armailex 
    19 arimportcmd 
    20 Report creator plug-in 
    21 Remedy Alert 
    4000 Driver (sample program) 
    4001 Distributor of application 
    4002 arhelp 
    4003 arjanitor 
    4004 armenu 
    4005 arstruct 
    4006 artext 
    4007 arsqled 
    4008 archgsel  
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