Where should I place the HTML associated images for outgoing emails?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server


    Where should I place the HTML associated images for outgoing emails?

    The HTML template references images to use in an email, but where does the email engine expect the images?



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    The email engine has two options for handling HTML graphic images:


    Option 1:  Place all associated graphic files in the "Template Attachments" tab of the AR System Email Templates form.  Select the "Add Attachment" button for every associated graphic file.  Workflow will put the graphic files in the "AR System Email Attachments" form. This option requires the HTML tag reference the graphic files in the following way:




    Example of the entire source HTML header template:






    <title>Remedy Urgent </title>




    <table width="436">
        <td vAlign="top"><img src="urgent.gif" width="770" height="71"></td>





    NOTE: Please make sure to avoid using spaces for the image naming, this could cause the image not to be found.


    Option 2:  When creating the AR System Email Template save the HTML. Create a directory on the web server for the associated graphic files.  Place all associated graphic files in the directory.  This directory would have to available to all users needing to view the files.  The HTML template would need to reference the static url images.  The HTML reference would look like the following:


    <img src= "/img.d/common/bmc_logo.gif"


    Additional knowledge base entries regarding email templates:
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