Webservice - XPATH qualificatin for performance?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server


     XPATH qualification on the webservice would help with the performance of the webservice? Is it helpful to set the START RECORD and MAX LIMIT on the webservice.

       BMC Remedy AR System Server (version 7.1.00)  
       DR: AR System Mid Tier; Database: Microsoft SQL-server 2005;  



    Legacy ID:KA316387

      XPATH qualification query (setting Start Record and Max Limt to process 1000 records subsequently) : 
      The first 1000 chunk of data will be processed faster as compared to the rest of the data chunks.However, the time difference between the first 1000 chunk and last 1000 chunk data processing time would not be much. 
      For. E.g. If we want to retrieve records starting from 5000 to 6000 then query "SELECT TOP 6000" will be performed and 1-4999 will be skipped. Server has to perform "additional loop" to skip 1-4999 records, but this is a memory operation hence it will not impact on execution time. 
      For 8000 records not more than 1-2 sec delay should be seen in first 1000 entries and entries within 7000 to 8000 due to "additional loop", delay might occur due to other issues like network and other operations which are being performed on Server.  
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