How can I improve my server's performance?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server


    How can I improve my server's performance?



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    Here are some generic considerations that you should research on your system if your server is experiencing difficulties. You may elect to modify one or more of the following, depending on your database configuration/limitations: 

    1. Increasing memory for your database or configuring memory for "hot" tables 
    2. Adding/removing indexes as needed (be careful, too many indexes can cause a performance degradation on submit/modify) 
    3. Analyzing indexes, compute statistics 
    4. Check table size and consider archiving records for larger tables 
    5. Check your thread configuration (see Thread Configuration White Paper) 
    6. Improve your end user queries and macros to use indexes where appropriate 
    7. Use the ARSystem analyzer for recommendations (page 16*) 
    8. Use arlogtmr on your API and SQL logs to identify time consuming API calls and SQL statements 
    9. Make sure the user that owns the ARS process has ample access to memory and files 

    *Page 16 is in the Optimizing and Troubleshooting AR System for ARS 5.1.  

    You should also refer to the Optimizing and Troubleshooting AR System for ARS 5.1 for any other recommendations. This document can be used to assist you in troubleshooting an ARS 4.5.x server. 


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