How do I generate a .tbl file from a .csv file while creating a flatfile mapping using AIE?

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    BMC Atrium Integration Engine


    BMC Atrium Integration Engine


    How do I have AIE generate a .tbl file from a .csv file so I don't have to manually create one from scratch? 

    ARServer Version: 7.1.00 Patch 006 200811280530
    AIE Version: 7.1.00 Patch 001 200711011300

    DR: Remedy Enterprise Integration Engine; Server: Windows Server 2003; Client: Windows XP



    Legacy ID:KA311711

      The .tbl file is generated when the AIE mapping is created.
      However you can use filehelper command to generate .tbl file from a .csv file.
      The file helper binary is located in <AIE_Install_dir>\service\bin.
      Here's a sample command on Windows platform:
      D:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\aie\service\bin>filehelper -ax w3kee-sp2-20hd -ar 38000 -al "Demo" -ap "" -fn "D:\rbcreport2"
        -ax <AR System> server name is the name of AR System server where the EIE:VendorFieldNames form resides;
      -al <user name>ar user name used to log on to the AR System server
      -ap <password> is the user's password;
         [-ar <port number>]
      -fn <File Path>  Path to the File
      For -fn parameter, specify the absolute path of the csv file WITHOUT extension.
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