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    Remedy Service Desk Application


    BMC Remedy Service Desk Application


    I noticed that a user can set their own application preferences to hide the Vendor and Financials tab in Incident and Problem Management, and the Financials tab for Change Management. I am wondering if there is a way to make those tabs hidden by default, rather than having to set it for every individual user account. e.g. a system preference setting rather than using the user preference setting. BMC Remedy Service Desk Application (version 7.0.03)



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    Those preferences are stored in a form called "Application Preferences". Each time a user changes his/her preferences for the first time, a new record corresponding to that user is created in that form, and from there on the preferences are taken from that record.


    If a user has never set his/her preferences, the application looks for a record called "System Default". This record has the default preferences for all users, and you can use it to set these preferences on a system-wide basis. Also, if you wish to reset a user's preferences to the default, you can simply delete the record corresponding to that user from this form.

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