ARSperl Windows ppd package

Version 2

    ARSperl-1.91 Perl API PPM distribution

    This is a compiled version of ARSperl meant for installation on Windows systems running Activestate Perl 5.10, which is the major Perl distribution on Windows. If you don't have Perl  installed, you can get it from

    For more information on ARSperl check

    Documentation will be automatically installed as a part of  the Activestate Perl documentation, by default C:\Perl\html\index.htmlInstall the ARSperl module by opening a command window, changing to the directory where you've unzipped this file, and enter:

    ppm install ARS.ppd

    To check if it has installed correctly, issue in the same window:


    This should display the internal version number of the libraries this version of ARSperl is compiled against, which is 13. You can send questions about this PPM distribution to me:  Generic ARSperl questions should go to the ARSperl users mailing list:   


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Should I also download the BMC Remedy libraries?

    A: This Perl module is compiled against the 7.1 Remedy API libraries which are INCLUDED in this distribution. You do not have to download them separately.


    Q: I want to use ARSperl with an older server version than 7.1. Can you compile a (6.0/6.3/7.0) version for me?

    Please do note that due to the backwards compatibility f the Remedy API, you can use this version of ARSperl with the 7.x libraries perfectly against 6.x or 5.x servers as well. The only thing to note is that the (very few) new API calls such as ARImpersonateUser will not work for older servers. If you'd still need to use those, which I doubt, you should upgrade your server. All the calls you will need for data manipulation (getEntry, setEntry, etc) will work no matter what server version you are using.

    Q: How do I know if Perl is actually installed on my computer?

    A: Add/Remove Software in the Control Panel will tell you, but you can also try perl -v from inside a command window. This should tell you perl 5.10 is installed.


    Q: I have installed ARSperl but how do I get X working?

    A: There are a couple of things you should try:


    Q: I use a 64-bit version of Windows, now what?

    A: Because there is no 64-bit Windows version of the AR System libraries (yet), and ARSperl is a wrapper around those libraries, ARSperl will not work with a 64-bit Perl. What you could to is just install a 32-bit version of Perl and you'll be fine.


    Q: I use Perl 5.8, what should I do to get ARSperl working?

    A: Of course you should just go and install Perl 5.10 but if you think you have a really good reason for using 5.8 you can download this version of ARSperl 1.90 which will work for you.  Version 1.90 is to be used agains the 7.01 libraries. If you really want to use Perl 5.8 and ARSperl 1.91 you should just compile it yourself.


    Q: I use another operating system than Windows and want to use ARSperl. Now how about that?

    A: Well, that will probably mean you'll be using Unix or Linux. You will have to compile it yourself. Just download the source from Sourceforge and you should be good to go.


    Q: Why is this download not available from Sourceforge, just as the other ARSperl ppm files?

    A: ARSperl itself is Open Source, it is distributed under the Artistic license. This Windows version includes the Remedy AR System dll files. Since they are not open source, they can not be hosted on Sourceforge. That's a pity, but it makes setting up ARSperl also much more convenient.