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       How would I run the dbmigrate utility which is included with Visualizer and CDB?   
    • Visualizer  4.2.07
    • Capacity Management Database (CDB) 1.2.00



    How to run the dbmigrate utility:

    1.  Run a Database backup or make sure a current database backup is available (just for safety sake). 

    2.  Open up a Command Prompt window (DOS prompt). 

    3.  Change directories to your: 
    Visualizer directory - C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Visualizer  or  CDB Common Automator directory - "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\CDB\Common\Automator
    4.  Enter the following command on the Command prompt: 
    dbmigrate -d [data source name] -u [userid] -p [password] -l [log file path] Where:[data source name] = ODBC Data Source Name for this database[userid] = Database User Id[password] = Database Password  Note: - If SQL Server Windows Authentication Mode (Trusted Connections) is being used for the DSN the -u and -p switches can be omitted from the command line.  [log file path] = drive, path and a text filename for the log file
         Type dbmigrate without an switches to see command usage info. 
    Usage: dbmigrate -d [DSName] -u [username] -p [password] -f [platform] -l [log file] -x [description files] -v –t  -d ODBC DSN name (or DSN full string) -u [username] if required by datasource -p [password] if required by datasource -f [platform] (all platforms if not specified) -l [log file full name] -x [path to description files] -v (preview report) -t (trace diagnostics)
    dbmigrate -d visdb -u visuser -p vis_password -l c:\temp\dbmigrate_log.txt
    Note: - Dbmigrate can be run is preview mode by adding the -v switch to produce a report of the changes that will be done in live mode. Be aware that the database will not be updated but the preview run could take almost as long to run as the live mode run.

    5.  While this is running (in live mode) no other update events (populate, summary or delete) should be run against this database. 

    6.  All the messages go to the log file so you won't see anything on the command prompt while it is running except the following: 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Visualizer>dbmigrate -d visdb -u visuser -p vis_password -l c:\temp\dbmigrate_log.txt Starting dbmigrate for visdb ... Fri Feb 01 08:13:37 2019 End dbmigrate. Fri Feb 01 08:13:38 2019
    7.  When it is done look at the log file to insure that dbmigrate ran successfully. The log should be similar to the following. 
    Starting dbmigrate for visdb ... Fri Feb 01 08:13:37 2019  Reading description files from C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\CDB\CDBServices\bin\  Platform: MVS Meas/Smry Migrating platform...  Updates required       ... for table CPWCLSS      1 field(s) updated, 0 altered and 1 added       ... for table CPSUITD      1 field(s) updated, 0 altered and 1 added       ... for table CPSSAAD      1 field(s) updated, 0 altered and 1 added       ... for table CPJOBD      1 field(s) updated, 0 altered and 1 added      Completed MVS Meas/Smry migration  End dbmigrate. Fri Feb 01 08:13:38 2019


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