MVJE-Setting up JMX for different types of JVM's.

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    MainView for Java Environments


    MainView for Java Environments


    What are the JMX configuration parameters for different JVMs, ie CICS, IMs, Liberty Batch ? 


    1. For WAS - you only talk to the control region and it returns all data: 
    Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers > server_name > Administration > Administration services > JMX Connectors. 
    enable JSR160RMI. 

    1.1 JMX configuration for a WAS servant region:

    “this only reports on the servant that opens this port”

    In general, configuration parameters for JMX are very much the same as for any JVMs. Except the parameter is uniquely for WAS servant only.
    Login Admin Console or DMGR console.
    Verify to ensure that JMX connection protocol has been enabled:
    Select Application servers è <your servant name> èAdministrative services è JMX connectors

    User-added image

    Activate JMX and specify JMX related parameters:
    Application servers è <your servant name> èProcess definition è Servant
    Select “Java Virtual Machine” on the list of “Additional Properties” on the right
    Scroll down to “Generic JVM arguments”

    User-added image

    Add the following parameters into “Generic JVM arguments”:
                               è ensure that there is a space after the equal (= ) sign                              è any port number that is currently not used and greater than 1024.
    This port will be used by  MJE to collect JMX data
    Save the changes. If WebSphere Network Deployment, ensure that the changes are synchronized with Node Agent
    Retstart the servant.
    Specify the above nnnn port number in MJE for JMX data collection

    2. This is how to set it up in CICS server
    BROWSE    /shrd/mjeqa/mjecic52/DFHJVMAX.jvmprofile   Line 00000198 
     Command ===>                                                  Scrol
    # information about enabling the Java Attach API, see               

    3. This is how to set it up JZOS job:
    EDIT       MVJEQA.JZOS.SAMPJCL(VSAMREAD) - 01.09           Columns 0000
    000078 IJO="$IJO -verbose:class"                                       
     000079 # Configure MJE options                                         
     000080 MJE=""                            
     000081 MJE="$MJE"            
     000082 MJE="$MJE"      
     000083 MJE="$MJE"    
     000084 MJE="$MJE"             
     000085 MJE="$MJE -Djava.rmi.server.hostname="                 
     000087 export IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS="$IJO $MJE"          

    4. This is on IMS JMP region
    //Q131JMP  EXEC PROC=DFSJMPR,TIME=(1440),                 
    //         SOUT='*',              SYSOUT CLASS            
    //         CL1=001,               TRANSACTION CLASS 1     
    //         CL2=002,               TRANSACTION CLASS 2     
    //         CL3=003,               TRANSACTION CLASS 3     
    //         CL4=004,               TRANSACTION CLASS 4     
    //         ENVIRON=DFSJVMEV,                              
    //         JVMOPWKR=DFSJVMWK,                             
    //         JVMOPMAS=DFSJVMMS,                             
    //         IMSID=Q131        IMSID OF IMS CONTROL REGION  

    BROWSE    IMS.Q1310.PROCLIB(DFSJVMMS) - 01.09        Line 00000032 
    * under JDK 1.3.1S                                                 *

    5. For DB2 Stored procedures

    DB2NWLM PROC has a JVM Property with –Dcom  jmxremote 
        SYS2.SHRD.PROCLIB(DB2NWLM) - 01.00              Columns 00001 00072
    //        PARM='&DB2SSN,&NUMTCB,&APPLENV'                             
    //STEPLIB  DD DISP=SHR,DSN=SYS3.DKT.DSNEXIT                           
    //         DD DISP=SHR,DSN=CSGI.DB2V11M.DSNLOAD                       
    //         DD DISP=SHR,DSN=CSGI.DB2V11M.DSNLOD2                       
    //         DD DISP=SHR,DSN=CSGI.DB2V11M.RUNLIB.LOAD                    
    //         DD DISP=SHR,DSN=CEE.SCEERUN                                
    //JAVAENV  DD *

    //*DCPROF  DD DISP=SHR,DSN=RDHCXC.ISPF.ISPPROF                        
    //SYSIN    DD UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(4000,(20,20),,,ROUND)                 
    //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                                                       
    BROWSE    /shrd/mvwebqa/bmcqahp/db2/props         
     Command ===>                                      
    ********************************* Top of Data ******
    Submit job to run the stored Procedure                   
    Added on 4/16/2017                  
    6. Liberty setup
    Locate the JVM.OPTION directory and add the following parameters:
    Add Health Center and JMX parms to Liberty Server:
    BROWSE    /shrd/mjeqa/wlp/servers/LIB855C3/jvm.option   
    Command ===>                                            
    ******************************** Top of Data ***********                                                                   
    ******************************* Bottom of Data *********       
     use in any jvm that you want to make a port assignment for HC

    Added on 07/11/2019                  
    7. z/OS Connect EE
    Locate the JVM.OPTION directory and add the following parameters:                                                                   




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