How to Add Questions to BMC Helix Remedyforce Surveys?

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    How to Add Questions to BMC Helix Remedyforce Surveys?



    Adding questions to a survey


    Before adding questions, identify the key metrics that you want to measure and draft the questions as per your requirement.

    These questions are added as fields in the Survey object. The out-of-the-box key metrics are saved in the Field Label field of a field, such as Response Timeliness, and the Help Text contains the question.

    You must save your questions as fields in
    the Survey object. BMC recommends that you save questions in the Help Textfield and use the Field Label field values to capture key metrics being measured by the survey (for example, client satisfaction, analyst effectiveness, and so on). Using the Field Label field to save the key metrics enables you to review feedback against those metrics. To use the Help Text field values as questions, ensure that the Use Help Text values, not Field Label, as survey questions check box is selected on the Surveys page (Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > Surveys). For more information, see To configure survey settings.


    To add questions to a survey

    1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects.

    3. In the Label column, click Survey.

    5. On the Survey object page, in the Custom Fields & Relationships section, click New.

    7. On the Step 1. Choose the field type page, select the type of field, and click Next.




      Fields of type Text Area (Rich) and Formula are not supported in surveys.

    9. On the Step 2. Enter the details page, perform the following actions:

      1. In the Field Label field, enter the metric on which you are measuring the response of the client.
        For example, Client Satisfaction.

      3. In the Help Text field, enter the question to display on the survey.
        For example, "Were you satisfied with the resolution provided by the agent?"

      5. Enter other required details, and click Next.




        Do not mark a field as required by using the Required check box. BMC recommends that you mark a field as required at the field set level. For more information, see To mark a field as required in a survey.

    11. On the Step 3. Establish field-level security page, you do not need to make any change. On this page, click Next, and then click Save.

    13. On the Custom Object Survey page, in the Field Sets section, in the Action column for the Incident Survey orService Request Survey field set, click Edit.

    15. On the Incident Survey or Service Request Survey field set page, click the question (the field) that you added and drag it to the In the Field Set list.

    17. Click Save.

    19. To provide field-level permissions to the custom questions that you have added, on the SelfService Profile page, in the Field-Level Security section, click View for Survey.

      1. Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites.

      3. In the Site Label column, click SelfService.

      5. On the Site Details page, in the Site Visualforce Pages section, click Edit.

      7. On the Survey Field-Level Security for profile SelfService Profile page, click Edit.

      9. For the custom questions that you have added, select the Visible check box.
        This step enables clients to view the questions that you have added.

      11. Click Save.


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