Configure incoming email for Footprints Service Core 11.x

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    FootPrints 11.x


    How do I  configure incoming email for FootPrints 11.x?


    You can use a different incoming email address for each workspace by using the following instructions:

    Configure Incoming Email

    1.Create a mail account on your mail server.  This must be done on your mail server and not from within FootPrints.  For example, you could make a new mail account called support on your mail server.  In this example, all mail sent to is automatically processed by FootPrints.

    2.Ensure that you have created at least one customer account.  Incoming mail from external users does not work without this.

    3.Select Administration | System | Features | Email from the FootPrints Toolbar.

    4.In the Incoming Email section, click the Configure Incoming Email button.

    5.Click Add on the Incoming Email Setup for FootPrints page.

    6.Select the mail retrieval protocol: IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), POP (Post Office Protocol), or IMAP/SSL (IMAP/Secure Socket Layer). NOTE: Client certificates are not supported. FootPrints Service Core supports SSLv2 and SSLv3.

    7.Enter the POP/IMAP mail server name for your organization either as a DNS name or IP address, e.g., or

    8.Enter the support email account name, e.g., support.Important: Do not enter your own email account in this field.  Any email sent to the account specified here is processed by FootPrints as incoming email. If you enter your own email address, any email sent to your account, regardless of the source, will be processed by FootPrints automatically.

    9.Enter the password for the email account (must be entered twice).

    10.Enter the default reply address for this account.  We recommend entering the full email address of the account specified above, e.g.,

    11.Enter the From name for this account.  This name is used to populate the From of email notifications, e.g., FootPrints  or Widget Support.

    12.Select a Workspace for this account.  This is the default Workspace for incoming email for the account specified above.  If this is the only account defined for incoming email for FootPrints, then all email goes into the Workspace selected here (unless the Workspace is defined in the email subject in the form PROJ=n).

    13.Enter your password and click Save.

    Additional accounts for other workspaces can be specified following the instructions above.

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