MyIT / SmartIT Required Ports

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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    SmartIT and MyIT


    ITSM version 8.1.01 using TCP Port 55000 for the application servers (no portmapper)
    MyIT / SmartIT details:   
    • Version to be installed: 3.1 and 1.4
    • Social Database is using MongoDB on single separate machine on different network segment to MyIT / SmartIT server and ITSM servers
    • MyIT application server is to be put on DMZ segment and to be connected to Load Balancer, through which the end users will connect to via HTTPS (Port 443)


    1.) What's the purpose of this port and what's the source and destination of this social port?
    >>MyIT-SmartIT Social uses port 9001.
    The MyIT-SmartIT Tomcat Server initially queries the Mongo DB for a key to authenticate so to simulate this handshake, enter the following in your browser:


    You should get something like this...
    "key": "01a86963-b8e8-e19c-4bb0-ffaf30a9d209“

    If you don’t get a response, you need to check to make sure all of the services are up and there are no port conflicts with mongo (27017) or social (9001).

    >>Only port 9001 should be accessible from MyIT/Smart IT Machine.
    >>Port 9001 should be opened for MyIT or Smart IT server so API use 9001 port for data interchange and not on apps or mongo servers.
    2.) Where do I need to have the firewall exception rule for this social port?
    >>Social from MyIT Application Server need to have access to  the Mongo DB via 27017 port. So firewall exception need to be done from MyIT server to Mongo DB for 27017 port.
    3.) The current ITSM is using specific TCP Port 55000. Do we need to have firewall exception rule as well for this? Or all communication will be done via Port 9000?
    >> MyIT Application Server connecting to AR/ITSM via 55000 port, so firewall exception need to be done for 55000, not for 9000.
    4.) Firewall exception mentioned above need to be done is both ways using Port 55000, or only one way from MyIT server to Remedy?
    >>From MyIT to AR/ITSM it should be 55000 and for another way AR/ITSM to MyIT – port 9000
    5.) Is there any communication between ITSM and MyIT which will go through the ITSM App LB?
    MyIT connection to ITSM can be configured via ITSM LB. So LB server name or ip need to be set for MyIT to AR/ITSM connection.
    Otherwise you have to set server name(ip) of only one AR/ITSM(ITSM App1 or ITSM App2).

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