How to delete Template from Fullfillment Tab in Request Definition?

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    BMC Remedyforce Spring '16


    How to delete Template from Fullfillment Tab in Request Definition?



    Please follow below steps to remove one of the Request Definition templates from Request Definition Fulfillment Tab:
    1.Login to Remedyforce.
    2.Click on All tab.
    3.Select "Request Definition" .
    4.Select the required Request definition .
    5.Go to "Process Templates" related list section .
    6.Delete the Templates from the Process templates list.

    NOTE: It may be necessary to add the Process Templates related list to page layout to see the templates associated to the Request Definition.
    DO NOT open the template then click delete, this will delete the template!

    Additional information :
    Service request template ,once it is selected it can not be deleted from the fulfillment tab.
    The Service Request Template use in "General Information " tab will be copied to fulfillment tab.Only for Task  and Change you will get the delete option .

    This is as per design of Remedyforce. Please refer the BMC doc for more details:


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