How to migrate BPPM 9.6 CMA policies to TS 10.0 CMA policies?

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    TrueSight Operations Management


    TrueSight Operations Management


    TS 10.0 and TS 10.5


    How to move BPPM 9.6 CMA policies to TS CMA?


    Here are the steps to export a CMA BPPM 9.6 policy and import it into CMA TS for any user
    1) Export the policy from BPPM, this will create a .mo file with the policy defined in a json format
         Windows: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\pronto\lib\DataMigrator\cmapolicymigration.bat
         Unix: /usr/pw/pronto/lib/DataMigrator/

    Usage 1: cmapolicymigration export -d <output_directory> [all] [-p policyName [-n <newName>]]
              User can export a single or all policies to the directory specified 
       -d <output_directory> 
              Output directory is the location where policy related data files are saved after export. If -d option is not provided 
              then current directory is considered as the output directory. 
       -p <policyname> 
              Name of the policy to be exported. Enclose policy name with " " if name contains spaces. 
       -n <newName> 
              Used when the user wished to save the existing policy with New name. 
                      (N/A when all policies are exported) 
              The exported policy will be saved with this new name (N/A when all policies are exported) 
    2) Open the .mo file in a editor 

    3) At the bottom of each policy is a section which includes the following field names: name, id, type, agentSelectionCriteria, tenant, precedence, description, enabled 

    4) Add the following three new fields to the policy json record: shared, associatedUserGroup, owner. Change the owner field to an ldap user  
      "shared" : false,  
    "associatedUserGroup" : "Administrators",  
    "owner" : "admin", 
      4a) Where  
      owner - Username to which the ownership of this policy belongs to.  
    associatedUserGroup - This should be one of the groups associated with owner.  
    shared - this is to indicate if the policy is shared with other users from the above group. 
    5) In the policy make sure the values for tenant (name, id) point to the correct SSO realm. In my test policy it looks like the following  
      "tenant" : {  
    "name" : "BmcRealm",  
    "id" : "BmcRealm"  
    6) Here is a sample of the policy section after the changes  
      "precedence" : 100  
    "name" : "Policy name",  
    "id" : "b1f2ae2e-6b69-5aa2-1234-8a4dee93d18d",  
    "shared" : true,  
    "associatedUserGroup" : "Administrators",  
    "owner" : "jdoe",  
    "type" : "monitoring",  
    "enabled" : false,  
    "description" : "",  
    "tenant" : {  
    "name" : "BmcRealm",  
    "id" : "BmcRealm"  
    "precedence" : 100,  
    "agentSelectionCriteria" : "agentName STARTS_WITH \"server_name\" " 

    7) Copy this file to the TS server  

    8) In a command window go to the following directory <TSPS_Install_Location>/truesightpserver/bin  

    9) Invoke the following command. Note: just use the directory do not specify a file, the utility will import all .mo files in the directory 
          cmapolicymigration.bat import -d <Directory location from Step #7 > 


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