Remedy - Server - An Escalation only pushes 2000 records from Active Directory in to a vendor form

Version 8
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Active Directory, ARDBC Configuration, Data Integration, UDM, BMC Remedy AR System Server 9.x


    AR Server is integrated with Active Directory and it is observed that all the records from Active Directory were being displayed on a vendor form however the escalation that was defined was just pushing 2,000 records on the staging form.


    This has been reported in the defects:

    SW00504017 - Escalation Completes After Processing First 2000 Records against the LDAP plugin.
    SW00502991 - Vendor Form pulls all records from Active Directory and while pushing the records from vendor form to staging form, the escalation only push 2000 records.

    There is a hot fix available for AR Servers versions: 9.0.01 and 9.1

    Hotfixes available
    Please check in the following public BMC FTP:
    Select the version being used and download the latest available SR HotFix.

    There is one more defect Identified for AR Server Version: 1902 Patch 001.

    SW00563876 - Issue while processing records from LDAP vendor form through escalation

    Note: Please contact BMC Support to get Hotfix for Defect: SW00563876

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