Remedy - Server - Unable to authenticate using AREA LDAP using the TLS protocol

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    BMC Remedy AR System Server 8.1.02


    Unable to authenticate using ARSsytem AREA LDAP using TLS protocol when being enabled in the network.


    As commented in the article:
    000107174 - Remedy - Server - How to avoid the AREA LDAP SSL 3.0 Poodle vulnerability on ARSystem?

    For 8.1.x version there is a defect using AREA LDAP with TLS. This has been addressed in the defect:
    SW00485593 - Poodle Security Fix: LDAP Plug in should communicate with TLS1.0 and Higher protocols.
    and in the mentioned article above shows how to configure the AREA LDAP to use TLS. For the defect above there is a HotFix available.
    Note: In order to have this HotFix, ARS 8.1.02 (SP2) needs to be the current version. If an older version is currently installed, the main ARSystem Suite will need to be upgraded to 8.1 SP2 (8.1.02)

    Contact Customer Support to provide the available HotFix for 8.1.02.
    BMC Remedy AR System 9.x is not affected by this defect.

    Other information:
    -- Note that the Email Engine does not support the TLS protocol as mentioned on this article:
    000015148 - Remedy - Email - Does the Remedy ARS Email engine support TLS (Transport Layer Security)?

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