Synthetic - How do I delete a TEA Agent from the APPVIS Portal

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    Borland Silk Performer Synthetic Transaction Monitoring


    Transaction Execution Adapter Agent


    We removed a TEA Agent from production (uninstalled from the server) and it is still listed in the Portal Console.

    How do we remove it from the Portal?


    The first thing to do is to remove the TEA Agent (once it is down, uninstall steps available here: in the TSPS:

    • Administraion > App Visibility Agents     
      • On this page, using the Action Menu (three vertical dots), delete the agent. The status of that Agent should not be "Online".
    Then you can verify on the AppVis Portal that the Agent is not listed anymore (on the portal-console page, the Agent should not show in the "Connected TEA Agents" list at the bottom of the page). If it is still present here, wait for two hours for the systems to properly sync. 

    If it is still there after 2 hours, open a BMC Support Case and send the "Zip & Download All" zip file from the Portal so BMC can review the configuration. 


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