BMC Helix Remedyforce: How to Self Upgrade a Remedyforce Sandbox to the Latest Version?

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    How to Self Upgrade a Remedyforce Sandbox to the Latest Version?



    Please follow the instruction below to upgrade a Sandbox:
    Upgrading a Remedyforce Sandbox:
    1. Log into the Sandbox
    2. Click Setup | Click AppExchange Marketplace
    3. Search for Remedyforce.
    4.Click Remedyforce

    NOTE: There are several Remedyforce Labs applications DO NOT select those.

    5. Click Get it Now
    6. Click Log into the AppExchange
    7. You will be taken to a Salesforce login page.  Use the credentials you use when logging into the Remedyforce.


    NOTE: These are the credentials used when logging into Production and NOT Sandbox credentials.

    8. Tick I have read and agree to the terms and conditions | Click Install from the Provider's Site.
    9. Click I am a Remedyforce customer and want to install the latest version!
    10. To install into the Sandbox Click Sandbox.

    NOTE: You may again be prompted for credentials. If so, enter the credentials used to log into the Sandbox.

    11. Select the Profile you want to upgrade | Click Upgrade | Click Done.
    12. The upgrade will begin and may take a hour or two, but you will be notified once the upgrade is complete.
    13. Log into the Sandbox and Verify the Sandbox has been upgraded to latest version of Remedyforce.

    Additional Information: From time to time there are problems with AppExchange upgrades.  When this happens Go directly to AppExchange vs. trying to access AppExchange from within the Sandbox.


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