For TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO), what is the process to log a request for future product functionality or product enhancement?

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    CCO 9.x, BPA 9.x, TSCO 10.x, TSCO 11.x


    • What information can TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Technical Support provide in relation to future product functionality?
    • Can Technical Support provide information related to the BMC Performance Assurance (BPA), TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO), or other component's future functionality roadmap?
    • Is there a roadmap presentation available that can be provided by Technical Support?
    • If desired functionality isn't currently planned can TSCO Technical Support log an enhancement request to have the requested functionality considered for inclusion in a future product release?
    • If functionality isn't currently available in the TSCO product, can Technical Support suggest another BMC product that may be suitable to provide the required functionality?
    • BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.3, 11.0, 10.5, 10.3, 10.0



    Q: For TSCO what is the process to log a request for future product functionality or product enhancement?

    As of June 2013, BMC has moved to a new process that allows you to submit ideas to the Product Management team directly.  This new process is managed via the Communities site and means that the standard process is no longer for Technical Support to directly log enhancement requests on one's behalf.

    Below is a brief overview on how you can log your idea via the BMC Communities site.

    Introduction to logging an Idea via the BMC Communities

    BMC is now using a Community based product enhancement request process called Ideas enabling customers to share Ideas with other members of the BMC user community. Ideas uses a crowdsourcing approach that allows users to vote for Ideas that they would like to see implemented. To submit your Idea to the relevant forum please follow this link: select the appropriate product, content, then Ideas.

    The BMC product teams consider input through BMC Communities and other channels when planning each release. Ideas will provide a forum for our customers to directly log an enhancement request instead of submitting an RFE through support for many of BMC's products.

    In BMC Communities, the ideas that get the most consideration have the following characteristics:

    •   Focus on a business need or solve a problem, rather than dictate implementation
    •   Are championed by members of the BMC Community. You discuss and invite collaboration on your ideas so that they resonate widely across multiple companies.
    •   Are shared with colleagues and other community members to build momentum and earn votes
    •   Are reviewed and prioritized by BMC Product Management, based on input from many channels (votes are just one channel). Some ideas might not align with BMC strategies or priorities, so BMC does its best to communicate the status and to support development by others, when possible.

    To access the TrueSight Capacity Optimization communities page starting at select the Products menu -> TrueSight Capacity Optimization.  This will open the Capacity Optimization community.  In the 'Create' menu at the upper-right side select "Create Idea".


    Q: What type of information may be useful to include when logging an Idea?


    When logging an Idea it is often useful to think about the following questions and address them directly or indirectly in your Idea submission.  This is not required information, but it can be useful when thinking about how to present and idea and to generate interest in the community for your Idea:

    • How would this functionality be useful in your environment?
    • How frequently do you anticipate this functionality will be used in your environment?
    • If applicable, how many users in your environment would benefit from this functionality or are impacted by a lack of this functionality?
    • What is the business impact if this functionality is not implemented in the Perform product? In other words, does the lack of this functionality directly impact a specific business process or business function in your environment?
    • Are you aware of any competing products that provide the requested or equivalent functionality?
    • What is the timeframe in which this enhancement request is needed? For example, does this request cover functionality related to an existing production environment, functionality related to an environment being testing in a lab environment for likely future deployment, or just a proposed environment that is being considered for future testing and possible future deployment?
    The goal of these questions is to fully describe the request, the business impact on the request, and the urgency of the request to allow the Product Management team to properly prioritize it among all the other RFEs that must be considered. 

    Q: Can Technical Support provide information related to the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) or other components future functionality roadmap?


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)  Technical Support can speak to the product as it exists today and specific future functionality where the Product Management team has approved a specific public statement that can be made. TSCO Technical Support does not have detailed information related to the feature set of other products - that is information that can typically be better obtained from the Product Management team or from the BMC Sales organization.

    TSCO Technical Support is not an authoritative source of information generally or specifically about the product roadmap or any plans related to future release dates or functionality.  Technical Support may be able to provide limited information related to planned features in areas where a specific public statement has been provided by the Product Management team.  These types of specific statements related to particular future OS support or in some limited cases functionality would generally be made available via published Knowledge Articles available via the BMC Support Knowledgebase (


    Q: If desired functionality isn't currently planned, can TSCO Technical Support log an enhancement request to have the requested functionality considered for inclusion in a future product release?


    TSCO Technical Support cannot log an Idea on your behalf.  Ideas need to be logged via the BMC Communities site and, by policy, must be logged by a requesting user not Technical Support.  If you'd like to verify with Technical Support that functionality isn't available before submitting a request that can be done via an issue.  If you would like to discuss the wording or scope of a Request for Enhancement (RFE) with Technical Support via an issue that can also be done via an issue.  But, to actually log the functional request via the BMC Communities site that will need to be done by you or someone at your site.


    Q: If functionality isn't currently available in the TSCO Gateway Server (formerly BMC Performance Assurance) components, can Technical Support suggest another BMC product that may be suitable to provide the required functionality?


    Typically when an issue is logged and assigned via the BMC Technical Support process it will be assigned to the product team that supports the product the issue was logged against.  This product team will typically be specialized in the product they support and will not have broad experience with other BMC products and their functionality.  Your BMC Sales Account Manager will typically have the most useful information or be able to most easily engage additional resources regarding which BMC products beyond those already deployed in your environment that would likely suit a particular business need.



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