How to send a MainView History dataset to BMC Support

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    How to send a MainView History dataset to BMC Support



    1) Locate the History VSAM dataset containing the time period in question.
    If the dataset is still allocated to the Mainview started task, you can use the DSLIST screen to identify it.
    To access the DSLIST view: Access a MainView product that uses historical data and ensure that the product is running in windows mode. On the COMMAND line, type DSLIST and press Enter.
    Full details can be found in the MainView Administration Guide, Managing Historical Data Sets.

    2) Use IDCAMS REPRO to copy the dataset to a sequential file.
    When REPROing the HISTDSxx, please use a job similar to the following to do the unload:

    //HISTDS DD DISP=SHR,DSN=vsamDataSetName
    //SEQ DD DSN=highQual.cnumber.DATA.REPRO,
    // UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(CYL,200),
    //SYSIN DD *

    //* DCB attributes after REPRO
    //* Organization . . . : PS
    //* Record format . . . : VB
    //* Record length . . . : 32000
    //* Block size . . . . : system-determined


    3) Use IBM's TRSMAIN program to TERSE the PS file

    4) If you have the facility to FTP from the mainframe, please FTP this sequential file to BMC at calling the file cnnnnnnn.history.trs (where nnnnnnn is the case number).

    5) If transferring from the mainframe to your PC, please use BINARY transfer.

    6) Depending on size, you may be able to attach the (tersed) file to the case directly via the Case Management web portal.


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