What are the steps required if the MainView Infrastructure Common Registry File system is renamed?

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    MainView Infrastructure


    MainView Infrastructure


    What are the steps required if the MainView Infrastructure Common Registry File system is renamed?



    If the user has renamed the MainView Infrastructure Common registry file, then it would be necessary to amend the MOUNT statement and to identify the MOUNT point for the amended file system to the MainView CAS (Coordinating Address Space). To do this, follow the steps below:

    1. To Mount the file system (HFS or zFS) on the operating system, you must add/amend a MOUNT statement in the BPXPRMxx member in SYS1.PARMLIB. The MOUNT statement will mount the file system on subsequent IPLs.

    2. To Identify the MOUNT point for the file system to each CAS, you must use the Plex Manager HFSPATH view. See the MainView Administration Guide for more information.

    3. Once your change/rename on the MOUNT point has been completed, issue the IBM display command D OMVS,FILE.

    3-1. From the output, check whether the HFS or zFS file that has been newly allocated or changed is mounted to the correct path.

    4. Log on to MainView and select option P - PLEX Management (PLEXMGR)

    4-1 Invoke the HFSPATH view.

    4-2 From HFSPATH you can delete the current path and add the new path by using the DEL and ADD line commands. Alternatively, you can issue the CHA command to update the file name or path information.

    4-3 Issue the line command ACT to activate and register the updated HFSPATH to the RTCS registry.

    5. For MainView Alarm Manager, Issue the following two modify commands in sequence against the CAS.

    /F your_cas,MVA,HALT ALARMS

    /F your_cas,MVA,START ALARMS

    6. Once the START ALARMS modify command is executed, you can check the changed HFSPATH is successfully located and being used. Check that the new MOUNT path and zFS dataset names match correctly.


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