Is iimpkgw.exe compatible with 64-bit Windows versions?

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    I am installing MainView AutoOPERATOR BMC Impact Integration for z/OS.

    After I FTPed the module iimpkgw from the mainframe to Windows, I receive a pop-up message indicating that iimpkgw.exe is an unsupported 16-bit application
    and that it cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows.

    So, is iimpkgw.exe compatible with 64-bit Windows, or is there some other reason for seeing this message?


    The BMC Impact Integration for z/OS executable iimpkgw.exe will run on 64 bit Windows.

    The most likely reason for the message about incompatibility is that the module has become corrupted during the FTP transfer
    between mainframe and Windows, perhaps because you did not specify a binary FTP transfer for the IIMPKGW member.

    The iimpkgw.exe file is just a self extracting zip file.

    If this still fails after doing a "binary" download, you should still be able to extract the IIMPKGW file using WinZip.
    If push comes to shove you can also download the IIMPKGU as iimpkgu.tar and un-tar it with WinZip.
    Be sure to specify  "All file/folders in archive" and "Use folder names" when you do the extract so you extract the files into the proper directory structure.

    NOTE, the two files IIMPKGW and IIMPKGU are exactly the same set of files except they are archived using different archive programs based on platforms.

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