Remedy - DevStudio - How to enable API logging for Developer Studio - includes video

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    BMC Remedy AR System Developer Studio


       How do I enable client side logging to debug the actions being performing in Developer Studio? 



      Developer Studio uses Java API when connecting to AR Server and hence the traditional option which involves setting an environment variable named ARAPILOGGING does not help.

    To enable client-side API logging, please use the following steps:

    1- Close Developer Studio.

    2- Find "arsys_sample.xml"  in "..\DeveloperStudio\plugins\<versionstring>".
                    - In v8.1, v8.1.01 and 8.1.02:...\DeveloperStudio\plugins\
                    - In v9.0: ...\DeveloperStudio\plugins\
                    - In v9.1: ...\DeveloperStudio\plugins\
                    In v9.1.02:...\DeveloperStudio\plugins\
                    In v9.1.03:...\DeveloperStudio\plugins\
                   In v9.1.04: ...\DeveloperStudio\plugins\
                    In v9.1.05 (18.05): ...\DeveloperStudio\plugins\
                    In v9.1.06 (18.08): ...\DeveloperStudio\plugins\
      3- Copy "arsys_sample.xml" as "arsys_api.xml" and leave it in the same directory.

    4- In this new "arsys_api.xml" file, look for the section "<javaapi_config> </javaapi_config>" ,ensure that this section is uncommented

    5- Enable API logging by adding/ modifying the following line in this section:

      to  be:
      and save the file.
      6- Restart Developer Studio and reproduce the problem - please provide the time you reproduce the error so this can be found in the logs.

    7- Forward the log files:
      - API log file named "<username><ARServer name>*_arapires.log" from the "..\DeveloperStudio" folder

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    Remedy - DevStudio - How to enable java debug logging for Developer Studio


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