Remedy - Email Engine - Clarification with Email Engine 'Service Failover' configuration on ARS 9.x

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    How does the Email Engine work with respect to the new 'Service Failover' feature introduced with ARS 9.x and the AR System Operation Ranking form?


    The following information is valid for both server group and non-server group configurations.

    1)  The 'E-Mail Engine' entry in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form is no longer used.

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    This entry if it exists is ignored by ARS 9.x. The following defect as been documented to remove this entry in subsequent releases of ARS 9.x:
    SW00493503 - 9.0 - Fresh/Upgrade installation of 9.0 shows Email Engine operation name in AR System Operation Ranking form, though Service Failover feature is introduced


    2)  The 'AR System Service Failover Ranking' form is used and must be properly configured with a Service Name entry for the 'com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon' for incoming and outgoing emails.
    These are two separate entries depending if either of these have an Email Engine mailbox configured. Example:

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    3) There should be a ranking in the 'AR System Service Failover Ranking' form as this entry will designate which Email Engine is primary for the specific designated email operation (incoming/outgoing emails).

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    4)  There must be an entry for operation 'Service Failover' in the 'AR System Server Group Operation Ranking' form.

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    5)  The 'AR System Service Failover Whiteboard' form will have entries reflecting which remedy server(s) have the Email Engine currently active based on the processing of the configuration noted above.

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    For more details how the 'Service Failover' feature works the online documentation can be referenced with the following link:
    AR System v9.0.x:
    AR System v9.1.x:

                     Additional information:
    Remedy - Server/ITSM - How to Rank Operations in a Server Group


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