Remedy - Server - v.9.x How to enable DEBUG Java Plugin Server Logging in AR System in the arjavaplugin.log file

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    How to enable Java Plugin Server Logging in AR System 9.x.

    As mentioned in the title of this article, the following procedure is for versions v9.x and higher.
    To perform the same activity for AR system v8.x or lower version please check the below article:
    Remedy - Server - v8.x How to enable java plugin logging in DEBUG mode




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    The new Centralized Configuration in 9.x makes configuring AR Server and its components much easier.


    Plugins can be configured via the new Centralized Configuration option in the AR System Administration Console.
    But there is a separate option, Plugin Server Configuration that provides a simple user interface specific to configuring plugins.
    In most cases, when configuring plugins it is recommended to use the new Plugin Server Configuration option.






    To Enable Plugin Server Logging,  follow these steps:


    1.  Click the "Plugin Server Configuration" option from the AR System Administraton Console ==> System  page.




    2.  From the "Plugin Server Instance" menu, choose the correct Plugin Server based on the server name and port number.
    For example, choose "PluginServer_remedyprod.bmc.com_9999_IDGAA5V0GEPD8AN9OL9RAAAAAZ7IV5"  for the plugin server on <server_name> using port 9999

    3.  Click on the "Plugin Configuration" tab to see a list of plugins loaded by this specified plugin server.  This will validate that you chose the correct Plugin Server Instance.



    4.  Click on the "Plugin Server Configuration" tab and locate the "Logging Configurations" section.




    5.  Set the Log Level to the appropriate value.
          This would typically be set to DEBUG when troubleshooting a problem.


    6.  Click Apply to set the changes into effect


    7.  You can click the View button to view the logs at any time


    8.  Remember to set the Log Level back to ERROR once you have completed your troubleshooting.


    9.  Note that you can set a max log file size and number of backups.

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