Using workload policy on control-m for Z/OS FAQ

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    Control-M for z/OS


    Control-M for z/OS


    I. What is need for the workload policy to be loaded on the mainframe

    II. How to know if there is a problem

    III. Some CARS related to the process


    Please note the CAR referenced in this article CAR00077788 is resolved in Control-M/Enterprise Manager released October 2016 –
    Where possible please apply this in preference to any prescribed alternative solution. 

    I. What is need for the workload policy to be loaded on the mainframe

    A. You must have authority in Control-M/Enterprise Manager  to create/updqate/ view the workload policy.
    This done through Control-M/Enterprise Manager  authorizations.

    B. You must have the correct security defined on z/os if security is enabled on Control-m for z/os.

    1. IModule CTWSE02
    The CTWSE02 module is the Control-M security module of user Exit CTWX002. This module verifies that the Control-M/Enterprise Manager user is authorized to 
    perform update, delete, create, and change workload definitions from the CTMAS workstation.
    The CLASS checked is FACILITY. The entities checked are $$CTMWKF.qname  and  $$CTMWKL.qname.workload-name

    2. Exit CTWX001A can be used to replace a mainframe userid for enterprise manager userid being used.

    C. If you need to update the workload polify, you will need to update two sections of the workload policy  to have a new userid assigned to the workload policy on the mainframe.
    One section that need to be updated is the filter, and one other section.

    D. The workload policy is kept in the  IOA PARM pds member CTMWKLDS.

    II. How to know if there is a problem

    A. Look for the action report window in the Control-M/Enterprise Manager  to see if the workload policy was added/upadted or if there is a problem.
    This may not occurr due to CAR00050322 ( Not implemented yet within the product )

    B. The CTMAS stc sysout should report errors

    C. The IOA LOG screen 5 may show the workload policy being loaded.

    D. If there is an error you should be able to see a message: Connected (WL Sync Error!!!) in Control-M/Enterprise Manager  gateway to the Z/OS Control-m from the Control-M Configuration Manager.

    III. Some CARS related to the process

    The Gateway should generate an XAlert when workload policies are not synchronized successfully in Control-M server 

    The Workload Policies Definitions window should contain an additional "Updated By" field ("data updated by" and "filter updated by")

    Specific error message when Workload update fails due to filter authorization (z/OS server side)

    This should show an Action Report window, this window should show if the request worked or had problems.

    The explanation in workload policy management not clear about (ODATE) server date 

    Workload policy change request rejected by CTMAS even though no relevant fields were changed. 
    There are two sections that currenctly must be update in the workload policy in order for update userid to be assigned properly.
    With this CAR any update will allow the update userid to be assigned properly.

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