BMC Helix Remedyforce - How to Make the Resolution field required when an Incident is Closed in Remedyforce

Version 7
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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


       How can I make the Resolution field required when an Incident is closed? 



      The following steps walk you through creating a validation rule on the Incident object and make the Resolution field Required (it cannot be blank) when an Incident is Closed, Quick Close, or the Status is changed to Closed.
      1. In Salesforce navigate to Setup | App Setup | Objects.
      2. Scroll through the list and click on the Incident link.
      3. Click on Validation Rules or scroll down and find the Validation Rules section.
      4. Click New next to Validation Rules.
      5. Provide a Rule Name; for example: Resolution Required on Close.
      6. Make sure the Active checkbox is checked.
      7. Provide a description of the validation rule.  For example: Make the Resolution field required when a ticket is closed.
      8. Provide the Error Condition Formula.  In this case below is the formula you might use:
      IF( BMCServiceDesk__Status_ID__c  = 'CLOSED',
    OR(ISBLANK( BMCServiceDesk__incidentResolution__c), ISNULL(BMCServiceDesk__incidentResolution__c)),FALSE)
      9. Click Check Syntax to make sure the syntax of the formula is correct.
      10. In the Error Message section provide an appropriate Error Message such as: Resolution field is required.
      11. For Error Location, select Top of Page.  This will actually popup a separate error message window.
      12. Save the validation rule.
      Now when the following instances occur and the Resolution field has no data (is null) then a message will pop up letting the Staff member know they need to provide information in that field:
      1. Actions | Close
          Going to Actions | Close and simply clicking Save on the Close form will cause the message to come up stating that the Resolution field is required.
      2. Actions | Quick Close
          Going to Actions | Quick Close produces a message stating that the Resolution field is required. 
      3. Changing the Status of an Incident to CLOSED
          Change the Status field to CLOSED and try and save the record.  A message stating that the Resolution field is required is displayed.




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