BMC Helix Remedyforce: How to Install Remedyforce into an Existing Salesfroce Org

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


       How to Install BMC Helix Remedyforce into an Existing Salesforce Org? 



      Before installing Remedyforce, check the following link:

    To install Remedyforce into and existing Salesforce follow the next steps:
    1. In a browser, open
    3. In the Appexchange search bar, type Remedyforce and click Search.
    5. Click the: BMC Helix Remedyforce application and then click More.
    7. On the Remedyforce- ITIL Service Management & Help Desk page, click Get It Now.
    9. Select the I have read and agree to the terms and conditions check box and click Install from provider's site.
    11. Click I am not a Remedyforce customer and I want to try Remedyforce.
    13. In the Are you an existing Salesforce customer section, select the appropriate option.
    15. Perform one of the following actions:      
      • To install on a production organization, click Production.
      • To install on a sandbox organization, click Sandbox.
       Note:    BMC recommends that you first install Remedyforce to your Sandbox environment and perform appropriate testing that fits your business processes. After your testing is complete and you are satisfied, install Remedyforce to your Production environment. 
    1. On the Log In page, log on to your organization as a user with administrative permissions.
    3. In the Install BMC Remedyforce - IT Help Desk section, select Install for Specific Profiles.
    5. This option enables you to configure the access level for custom profiles in your Salesforce organization based on the out-of-the-box access levels provided by BMC Helix Remedyforce
        Note: BMC recommends that you do not select the following options in the Install BMC Remedyforce - IT Help Desk section:   
      • Install for Admins Only—If you select this option, predefined access levels are automatically configured for the installing administrator’s profile and any profile with the "Customize Application" permission. In this case, you have to manually configure access levels for custom profiles in your organization.
      • Install for All Users—If you select this option, predefined access levels are automatically configured for all your custom profiles. All users who are assigned custom profiles get the same level of predefined access.  
    1. In the Select Specific Profiles section, perform the following actions:      
      • For the ServiceDesk Change Manager profile, from the Access Level list, select ServiceDesk Change Manager.
      • For all ServiceDesk Client profiles, from the Access Level list, select ServiceDesk Client.
      • For the ServiceDesk Staff profile, from the Access Level list, select ServiceDesk Staff.
      • For the rest of the profiles, leave the default value of No Access.
        Note: If you are an existing Salesforce customer and have custom profiles, assign the level of access that is appropriate to the custom profiles.   
    1. Click Install.
      When the installation is complete, you receive five email messages, one from Salesforce and others from BMC Helix Remedyforce
        Note: If you are using BMC Helix Remedyforce on a sandbox, to allow Salesforce organization to send you all types of email messages, ensure that Access Level in the Access to Send Email section is set to All email on the Setup > Email Administration > Deliverability page.
    If the installation is successful, you can begin using the application. If you have received failure notification, contact BMC Support for next steps. In case of a failure, the Salesforce organization is rolled back to the previous state.
    1. After installation, select:
        BMC Helix Remedyforce  from the Application option and navigate to the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > General Application Settings page, and restart the milestone processor by clicking the Stop Milestone Processor button and then clicking the Start Milestone Processor button.

    Majke sure to follow the full docuement:

    NOTE: These instructions must be followed very carefully or Remedyfroce
      will not install correctly.
      For more detail check the following links: 


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