How to Refresh my Sandbox.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Spring 12


       How to Refresh my Sandbox.  



      How to Refresh a Sandbox: 
      1. Log into SFDC | Click your username | Click Setup. 
      2. Under Administration Setup Click Data Management | Click Sandbox. 
      3. Click Refresh | Click Start Copy. 
      NOTE: This step will take a while.  When the refresh is complete you will receive the following email.

    Dear Sandbox administrator,




    Your refreshed copy of sandbox "Sandbox Name" is complete and ready for activation. Activating this refreshed copy will irrevocably delete your current copy of "Sandbox Name", including all modifications that have been made. recommends activating the refreshed copy at a time when the current copy is not in active use.




    To activate the refreshed copy, access the sandbox list page in your production account (, and click the activate link next to the name of the refreshed copy.




    Thank you,






      NOTE: If you do not receive the email check your Spam/Junk Mail folder.
      4. If you leave your browser on the Sandbox List Page Press F5 on your keyboard. Otherwise Under Administration Setup Click Data Management | Click Sandbox. 
      5. Click Activate. 
      6. Type or Copy and Paste the following sentence into the required fields box: I understand that this operation will completely delete my existing Sandbox. 
      7. Click Switch Sandbox Copy. 
      NOTE: Click Switch Sandbox Copy the old Sandbox will be gone forever.
      8. Once the Sandbox is activated you will recieve the email below and in the Action column an option to Login will appear. 

    Dear Sandbox administrator,




    Your new copy of sandbox "Sandbox Name" is fully activated and ready for use. Click to log in now.




    Your users can log in from by appending ".Sandbox Name" to their user logins. For example, if your login in your production account is user@company.domain, then your login for this sandbox is user@company.domain.Sandbox Name.




    Thank you,







    NOTE: If you do not receive the email check your Spam/Junk Mail folder.

      9. Click Login. 
      NOTE: If you do not see the login option wait a few minutes and refresh the page.
      10. Once logged in either Click the BMC Remedyforce Home tab or Click the App Menu and Select BMC Remedyforce and you will be taken to a configuration a page. 
      11. Click Configure Application. 
      12. Once configuration Completes. Click Complete Configuration Now (Strongly Recommended). 
      13. Sandbox configuration is now complete. 
      14. Open the URL:  
      15. Enter your<sandboxname> followed by your most recent production password | Click Login. 
      16. Verify you are able to log into the Sandbox. 


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