How to Import Knowledge Articles (KAs) Data Directly into Remedyforce.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Spring 12


       How to Import KAs Data Directly into Remedyforce (RF).  



      Knowledge Articles (KAs) data can be directly imported into articles in RF with minimal effort. 
      NOTE: Importing Images/Screenshots into KAs is not possible using the dataloader and attempts to do so are not supported by BMC.
      There are 4 steps to importing data directly into RF KAs. 
      Get KA Type Ids.
      1. Create one of each type of KA: FAQ, How To, Known Error, Problem Solution. 
      2. Using the Dataloader export the Name and RecordTypeID from the Knowledge Articles object. 
      Get the Category ID:
      3. Using the Dataloader export the Name and ID from the Category object. 
      Format your Data Using the Attached KA Import Template.
      4. Map your data to the RECORDTYPEID column with the RecordTypeID collected in Step 2. 
      5. Map your data to the BMCSERVICEDESK__FKCATEGORY__C with the ID collected in Step 3. 
      6. Update the rest of the fields with the desired data. 
      7. Save the File 
       NOTE: While you may tempted to change the column of headers of the attached Excel sheet do not do it as it will cause the problems with the import. 
       Import your KA data into Remedyforce using the SFDC dataloader: 
       8. Launch the dataloader and import the data from the updated template created in Step 7. 
       9. Verify data imports without error.   


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