How to Send an Email to All Staff Members of a Certain Role.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Spring 12


    How to Send an Email to All Staff Members of a Certain Role.



      One solution for this would be to use the SalesForce "Mass Email" option, then select the users to email.  However this solution is limited to 500 entries.   
      How to send a Masse Email limited to 500 users: 
    1. Log into SalesForce | Click your username | Click Setup | Click Manage Users | Click Mass Email Users 
      2. Create a New or Select an Existing View | Click Go. 
      3. Check/Uncheck the users to notify | Click Next. 
      4. Select the Email Template to user for the Mass Email | Click Next. 
      5. Enter the Mass Email Name | Select Processing Options | Select Delivery Options | Click Send. 
      6. Verify the Email is received by the selected users.  
      Workaround to Mass Email more than 500 users:
      If you need to email more that 500 users use an Email Alert triggered by a workflow rule.  The rule could be related to a Broadcast, Task, Incident, etc which use a unique Category.  
      To Email All Users using a Workflow:
    1. Create a new email communication template named     Mass Email Users
        Subject: can vary   
        Body would be something like:    The following information has been delivered via a recent important broadcast!
    2. Save this template and ensure that is available for use
      Create a new Category named   Mass Email
      Create a new workflow with the following settings:   
        Object =    Broadcast   
        Name = Mass Email users when category =    "Mass Email"   
        Evaluate the rule when a record is    "Created"   
        Run this rule if the following:    Criteria are met
        Field =    Category~   
        Operator is    Equal To   
        Value =    Mass Email   
    5. Add workflow Action:    New Email Alert with the following:
        Description =    Mass Email Users
        Unique Name =    Mass_Email_Users
          Email Template =   Mass Email Users
          In Recipient type possible options are:   
        Portal Role (used for remedyForce clients for a specific account)   
        Role (Used for Staff and will email everyone within this role)   
        User (to select specific users) 

    6. Activate the Workflow.
    7. Then create a new broadcast with the category Mass Email.
    8. Verify when the broadcast is the created and email is sent to the desired users/clients.


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