BMC Helix Remedyforce How the Remedyforce Search Works in Console

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    BMC Helix Remedyforce How the Remedyforce Search Works in Console?




    1. Where we can use the search functionality?
    We can search at following places in the console.

    • List view
    • Lookup windows
    • Linking windows
    • Matching Incidents window


    2. How to use search and what will be searched?


    §Text searches are case-insensitive. For example, searching for Customer, customer, or CUSTOMER return the same results.


    §Search operation matches beginning characters of records or fields to be searched. For example, search for john finds items that start with john, such as, john, johnson, or johnny.A search for ohn would not yield any of these results.


    §Asterisks match zero or more characters at the middle (not the beginning) of your search term.For example, search for mi*meyers finds items with mitch meyers or mitchmeyers.A search for *meyers would not yield any results.


    §Question mark matches only one character at the middle or end (not the beginning) of your search term.For example, search for jo?n finds items with the term john or joan but not jon or johan.


    §Search takes on the type of the preceding character. For example, aa*a matches aaaa and aabcda, but not aa2a or aa.!//a.




    3. Which fields can we search?


    §Name fields.For example, Incident # field.If you want to search for an Incident  number "00000092", you will need to search for "92" or "00000092".Search for "0092" would not yield results.Search for "0000009" finds Incidents with Incident # like "00000091","00000092", and so on.


    §Fields of type "Email" and "Phone".




    §Fields of type Text,Text Area, Long Text Area, and Rich Text Area.For example, Description and Resolution fields on Incident.


    A search for "laptop" finds Incidents with description like "Laptop not working","Battery backup of laptop is low"/


    §Search cannot be performed on following field types:
    i. Formula fields

    For example, Actual Outage Time and Client Email fields in Incident.

    ii. Lookup fields
    For example, Category and Status fields on Incident.

    iii. Rollup summary field
    For example, Total Duration field on Incident.

    iv. Number
    For example, Record Update Count field on Incident.

    v. Date and Date time
    For example, Responded Date and Response Date & Time fields on Incident.



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