How to Create A Dependent Picklist.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Spring 12


    How do I make selections available in one field when selecting values in another.


    To Create a Dependent Picklist:
    1. Log into SFDC | Click Your Name | Setup | Create | Objects. 2. For Example: Click Incident.
    3. In the Custom Objects title Click Field Dependencies.
    4. Click New.
    5. Choose a controlling field and dependent field.

    NOTE: Some Picklist and checkbox fields may not be available as controlling fields. For a complete list of these fields, see Dependent Picklist Considerations.

    6. Click Continue.
    7. Use the field dependency matrix to specify the dependent Picklist values that are available when a user selects each controlling field value.

    NOTE: Optionally, click Preview to test your selections. If your organization uses record types, choose a record type to test how it affects your controlling and dependent Picklist values. The record type controls what values are available in the controlling field. The record type and the controlling field together determine what values are available in the dependent picklist. For example, a dependent value is only available if it is available in the selected record type as well as the selected controlling value.

    NOTE: The Filter by Record Type option does not appear in the Preview window for activity custom fields.

    8. Click Save.
    9. Log into Remedyforce and Verify the when the values of the first Picklist are selected the appropriate values in the second are available

    NOTE: Step 9 Assumes you have already created the picklists are they are on the form and the form is properly assigned.

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