Remedy Smart Reporting - Dedicated AR Server Replicated Database Considerations

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting 9.1.00


    BMC Remedy 9.X


    How to deploy Smart Reporting using a replicated database?

    What are the considerations and prerequisites?

    Frequently Asked Questions?



    1. How can we point  a Smart Reporting server to bring information from a Replicated Database ?
    • Smart Reporting does not require a reporting database to fetch data in reports since it connects to AR Server and fetches the required data.
    • Smart Reporting installation deploys Reporting database that holds the Meta data information & which occupies minimum database size.
    • Smart Reporting requires a Repository database and this should on a separate schema. As a best practice, do not install smart reporting on the AR System database.
    1. When do we need to do this ? Before on-boarding users and content ? or it does not matter ?
    • On boarding, Content import, Mid-tier configuration activities needs to be performed post Smart Reporting Installation.
    • During Smart Reporting on-boarding, enter the name of this Primary Admin AR Server.
    • Post the above activities, install a dedicate AR server with the Live AR system database.
    • Create a replicated database, set the replication mechanism for the database.
    • Then connect the Dedicated AR server to the Replicated database.
    • Change the Data source name in Smart Reporting to point it to the dedicated AR server.
    1. Also when user creates reports, is it going to store in Database or in Smart Reporting Server ?
    • Reports and other contents like Views, Users are stored in the Smart Reporting Repository database. 
    1. Is't needed to install all the products (ITSM, CMDB, SLM, SRM) on the AR Server reserved for smart reporting when we use replicated AR database ?
    • It is not mandatory to install rest of the application (ITSM, CMDB, SLM, SRM) on smart reporting AR server as like the source AR server. 
    • DB Replication mechanism will take care of this creating ITSM, CMDB and other applications tables in the Replicated Database.
    1. In the documentation it says "Basic BMC Remedy AR System components are deployed on the replicated AR System server." What are the basic components? Do we just need to replicate the database to another server or do we need to have another AR Server install too?
    • To achieve the high availability the database replication is needed so that there will not be much load on single DB server.
    • The DB servers will communicate with each other to achieve the data replication, so for this no need to have any applications on top of DB server.
    • To use the Smart Reporting it should have to communicate with a AR Server with ARJDBC driver (API Calls), so if the same AR Server is being used then it will create traffic/log on the server, and this will not help to achieve HA.
    • For this reason it is mentioned in document the Basic AR Components (AR System), needs to be installed on top of database server, so the Smart Reporting will use the replicated DB with the newly installed AR server.
    1. Do we just need to replicate the database to another server or do we need to have another AR Server install too?
    • Replicated DB will require an Additional AR Server Installation. 
             7.    Can we use SQL server log shipping between AR system database and the replicated database?
    • We  can very well use the SQL Server log shipping between AR Server and Replicated DB. But in ideal case choose the Database synchronization based on the business needs/requirement.
    • BMC do not provide any standard guidelines on the type/method of DB synchronization for reporting application.
      If you are looking to deploy Smart Reporting Repository DB on your Replicated DB, please refer the below link: 


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